Frequently Asked Questions

Is corrugated the best material for shipping containers?
For most applications, the answer is yes. Corrugated is a lightweight, 100% recyclable material that is very cost effective. Corrugated provides the strength and durability necessary to store and ship products.

Does Midwest use any other materials in their design process?
Depending on the scope of the project, our package engineers have the luxury to use foam and wood in their designs to aid in protection of a product when corrugated alone will not suffice.

Do you have ability to print on the boxes?
Yes we have 2 color capabilities on all machines and depending on the size of the carton we can print 3 colors.

What is the average lead time after order is placed?
We typically manufacture and ship in 1-2 weeks after receiving a purchase order. In an emergency situation we can sometimes deliver sooner if necessary.

Who pays for tooling?
Customers are required to pay a onetime fee for any printing plates or cutting dies needed to manufacture their cartons. We will pay for any replacement or repair should that situation occur.

What are the minimum/ maximum order requirements?
We do not have a minimum or maximum quantity; we fulfill orders based on our customers’ needs.

Can you provide a sample prior to my order?
A prototype sample or 3D rendering can be supplied before order is placed. We actually prefer our customers sign off on the sample before we begin manufacturing. Samples are a service we provide at no cost.

Do you carry stock boxes?
We have a full line of shipping supplies. Most items, including stock boxes, are available next day. Please see our On-Line Catalogue/Ordering for more details.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information. Call: 815-633-6800 or email: orders@midpack.com